One Allianz, one purpose: We secure your future

What did you get out of bed for this morning? Or in order words: why do you work for Allianz? The AES, for instance, shows that Allianz needs to have a clear, common purpose for employees around the world. And now that purpose has been defined: We secure your future.

Allianz is a global player. To hold on to that position, we need to be clear about what we stand for. What is our raison d'être? Scores of interviews and tests have been conducted with people at Allianz in the past year to get a clear vision of this. Maybe even you received a survey in your mailbox too. All the results show that we stand for stability and security, for personal growth and for social impact. And now that has been summed up as We secure your future.

Why do we exist?

We secure your future is our purpose. It is our guiding light in everything we do. It expresses our 'value'. Since as far back as 1890, Allianz has been hard at work everywhere in the world to provide people with greater security through insurance and to encourage them in the next steps of their life. And to be there for them in difficult times, such as after a fire or accident. We know how important it is to have an honest partner at your side, one who offers solid and sustainable solutions.

How will we achieve that?

We will translate We secure your future into practice with three strategic objectives:

  • Outperform: we want to perform better than our existing and future rivals.
  • Transform: we want to transform our organization into an organization that is simple, digital and scaleable.
  • Rebalance: we will reassess our portfolio and focus on the most attractive regions and business segments.

What is our plan of approach?

We secure your future does not mean that we need to change how we do everything. It is an overall guideline for who we are and what we do. So we will be carrying on with our Renewal Agenda as usual, with the focus on the above objectives: outperform, transform and rebalance. As you know, in the Benelux we will even be accelerating implementation of this strategy via the Xcelerate programme.


What now?

We secure your future nicely sums up our raison d'être. But what exactly does this mean? In the time ahead, we will be looking for real-life examples and finding out the practical details of our purpose. Examples could be customers who are happy with how we solved a problem, or an adviser or broker who is happy with our service. If you already have a good example, please let us know! More information will follow during the staff meetings.

Purpose Squad

Frank Moers
Jannemieke van Nielen
Laura Vening
Sarah Foti
Sarah Ouardi
Emilie Schmitz
Viviane Wirtz